Member Reviews and Testimonials

“ Great meetup group. People with diverse view points and backgrounds coming together for productive discussions is the core fabric of the meetup. The wide- variety of events serve as an added advantage. Instead of being just a casual meetup to rant about political inclinations, the meetup actually provides a platform for meaningful discussion and reasonable reconciliation of sometimes opposing viewpoints. ”

— KiranTeja C. on Feb 27, 2017.
“ Excellent!”

— Eleanor Elizabeth F. on Jan 26, 2017.
“ It's given me enough information so that I feel more confident about becoming more active. ”

— Eileen S. on Jan 20, 2017.
“ Nice people! ”

— Eliot on Dec 11, 2016.
“ thought it was very good. The moderator kept control of the group with interesting and otherwise keeping a good format. Certain topics that I would not have known about if it were not for this group discussion today. ”

— Howard W. on Nov 19, 2016.
“ Fun people ”

— James Jae-hoon P. on Oct 22, 2016.
“ Very good. ”

— Alan B. on Oct 14, 2016.
“ Fantastic group! ”

— Jessica on Oct 10, 2016.
“ Looking forward to future discussions. ”

— nonices on Sep 23, 2016.
“ Thomas is a fabulous moderator. He posed thought-provoking questions that encouraged group participation. I learned from others and will definitely plan to attend future events. ”

— Jess on Aug 28, 2016.
“ My first time and I enjoyed it ”

— Ralph S. on Aug 27, 2016.
“ Stimulating well-informed discussion ”

— Steve on Aug 5, 2016.
“Extremely appreciative of Thomas's brilliant efforts in organizing this fantastic meetup group on our behalf. Thank you very much, Thomas! ”

— David G. on Jul 26, 2016.
“ Great! ”

— Diego on Jun 2, 2016.
“ I wasn't sure what to expect (since the topic was Trump) but I was pleasantly surprised by both the members (who had varied opinions on Trump and the elections) and Thomas (who moderated the conversation with thoughtful, thought-provoking questions, giving everyone ample time to share their ideas). Always nice to have polite conversation on a hot-topic that affects us all! ”

— Charlie O. on May 16, 2016.
“ It was my first NYC Poltical Forum meetup. I really enjoyed the intellectual comraderie.A big virtue of the group is that people are not there to grind political axes, despite their having strong opinions. ”

— Stuart on Apr 23, 2016.

“ If all the events are like that one, I will be a happy Man! ”

— Mike D. on Apr 20, 2016.
“ One of the best groups on Meetup by far. ”

— Rosanne on Apr 9, 2016.
"Among the better meetups out there."

— Matthew R.K. W. on Feb 19, 2016.
" One of the best groups I've been a part of."

— Steven K. on Jan 31, 2016.
" Good. It was my first time. I learned a lot. Moderator was very bright! I would suggest encouraging more people to participate and talk. Some folks talked a little too much, I thought. "

— Nina A. on Jan 31, 2016.
" The NYC Political Forum is a perfect meetup for those who want to be intellectually challenged and who are willing to hear differing views on current affairs in politics and business. A big thumbs up!"

— Jun Kim on Aug 29, 2015.
“ Political discussion on a broad spectrum of ideals and ideologies for candidates and their political parties. Pres. Lincoln stated that: The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep's for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty. Plainly, the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of liberty. ”

— Sandy on Apr 21, 2015.
“ This is the type of group that makes me glad to be in NYC - friendly, sharp, intellectually alert individuals interested in coming together to consider topics from local to global. ”

— Christina D. on Mar 8, 2015..
“ I'm new to politics so that I was quite anxious attending but the organizer Thomas is a knowledgeable and understanding, and make me feel comfortable being in the group. Members are very impressive. Each person expresses his/her view and opinion without fear! Interesting to know different views. I've just went along with them to a little inexpensive dinner and a drink after the meet-up. Mingle with them outside the formal set-up is something we big city people crave. Eat, drink and a little chit-chat helps us to feel "we are comrades." It brings warm interaction between us even we don't necessarily agree all the things we discuss at the meet-up. Wonderful group! ”

— delia y. on Jan 5, 2015.
“ Great! ”

— Piku on Dec 29, 2014.
“ A passionate respectful organization that has fun meetings. ”

— Art H. on Dec 15, 2014..
“ Fun times ”

— Peter on Dec 14, 2014.
“ I enjoy interacting with them and Thomas is a great moderator. ”

— Emmanuel T. on Dec 13, 2014.
“ Excellent. Well moderated. Very well-informed group.”

— Ralph on Nov 11, 2014.
“ Stimulating and informative! ”

— Ron H. on Oct 26, 2014.
“ Great! ”

— Piku on Dec 29, 2014.
“ great! ”

— Rania on Oct 20, 2014.
“ Great fun learning multiple perspectives, judicial decisions, and other knowledge that I was not aware of with a great group of people. Thomas sets up interesting topics, is very knowledgeable, and is very well organized. ”

— Yen on Oct 7, 2014.
“ interesting ”

— Drew R. on Sep 13, 2014.
“ It was really interesting and enjoyable. Thomas, the event organizer and moderator, did a fantastic job in both capacities, particularly in making sure that everyone received a balanced perspective of the U.S. presidency. I greatly look forward to attending future political debates organized and moderated by him. ”

— Mikhail S. on Jul 14, 2014.
“ Great, eye opening.... thanks Thomas.. ”

— rory m. on Jun 8, 2014.