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2010 ~ 2019: A Decade in Review

As this decade comes to a close, we'll take a look back the most pivotal and consequential moments. The following below, in our opinion, fit that category; and, as such, they will be discussed.

▨ The Arab Spring: This was once a groundbreaking, promising and aspirational regional movement that sought to topple authoritarian regimes in search for a Western-style democracy. But, in the end, in most places, it ushered in greater bloodshed, violence, oppression and instability (i.e., Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, et al.). How do you assess the role of the U.S. given the circumstances? What were the unintended consequences and lessons learned, if any?

▨ The Obama Legacy: Now that three full years have passed and two Democratic Party primaries have taken place, we'll re-visit and re-examine former Pres. Obama's legacy. As a two-term President, seven out of 8 years of his Presidency took place during this decade. We'll discuss how his policy priorities -- as well as any failures -- may have attributed in the current state of affairs. This is a "refresher update" to the original "Obama Legacy" discussion (