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The State of the 2020 Presidential Primaries and Candidates

The Political Forum is back!

It's been a long, noisy summer along the campaign trail and on the stump. The field of candidates for the Democratic Party has finally winnowed down to a (relatively) manageable size. Three additional challengers have emerged for the Republican Party, in an attempt to unseat the incumbent President. A perennial question remains whether this is a viable year for any third party candidates.

We'll spend the entire afternoon discussing the proposed SUBSTANTIVE POLICIES of these candidates -- with less emphasis on platitudes, media hype, "scandals" and the cumulative fundraising status.

We'll discuss the following areas of the proposed substantive policies:

▨ Healthcare
▨ Trade and tariffs
▨ Fiscal policies and budgetary proprieties
▨ Economic and job growth
▨ Climate change
▨ Foreign policy and international relations
▨ . . . and of course, the "culture wars"

The upcoming election and primary contest days by the numbers -- from the date of this meetup, there are:

- 4 months and 13 days until the Iowa Caucuses.
- 5 months and 11 days until Super Tuesday.
- 7 months and 7 days until the New York Primaries.
- 1 year, 1 month and 13 days until the General Election!