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Political Thinkers: Christopher Hitchens

We'll continue the "Political Thinkers" series. It critically examines the political and ideological viewpoints of prominent public figures, considered to be tremendously influential as a trendsetter.

Here, the goal is to discuss fresh viewpoints -- some of which might be "unconventional" in nature -- in analyzing its applicability in our ever-increasingly complex society. Just like every issue that our group discusses, we examine and evaluate it with an independent and critical lens, at the highest intellectually-rigorous level.


For this discussion, we'll evaluate the work of the late Christopher Hitchens.

To that end, we'll explore the following questions:

- Do his views blur the lines of traditional ideological boundaries?
- What makes his appeal so controversial?
- Have his views and positions always remained intellectually consistent?
- What are his deep-rooted philosophical basis for his stated views and positions, if any?
- What do his rise to popularity indicate about the cultural or political climate of his time period?

We will then examine Hitchens' positions on philosophical topics and key policy matters, including: