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The China-North Korea Relations (Asia Society Policy Institute Panel Discussion)

Our friends at the Asia Society has once again invited us and offered our group limited seats to attend a panel discussion on the status of the Sino-DPRK relationship entitled "Bitter Allies: China and North Korea" at the Asia Society


Description from the event organizers:

China and North Korea are nominally allies, but relations between the two neighbors – always difficult – have deteriorated as North Korea has accelerated its nuclear and ballistic missile development under Kim Jong Un. Over the past year, Kim has deliberately timed his nuclear and ballistic missile tests to coincide with high-profile Chinese events such as the BRICS summit in Xiamen, the Belt and Road forum in Beijing, and the Xi-Trump Mar-a-Lago summit. Yet, North Korea is economically dependent on China, which currently accounts for over 90 percent of its total trade volume and most food and energy imports. Although Beijing has tightened sanctions on North Korea, China remains an economic lifeline and has resisted placing regime-threatening pressure on Pyongyang.