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The State of Our Union

The State of Our Union is _________________________. (fill in the blank)

For this meeting, we'll discuss the current State of Our Union. Please note that this is not a watch party for the SOTU address.


The Premise:

The Nation has just endured the longest government shutdown. The SOTU address has been tabled, while theatrics stemming from tribal hyper-partisanship has roiled the Nation. This month also marks the half-way point of the Trump Presidency. The balance of power has split in the two houses of Congress. Finally, the 2020 Presidential Election is expected to kick in full gear in months ahead.


With that in mind, let's explore and discuss the following themes:

- The right-track vs. wrong-track of our Union.

- The merits and criticisms of the stated reasons for the government shutdown.

- The lessons learned, if any, from the government shutdown. Can we expect another shutdown soon?

- The purported merits and criticisms for declaring a National Emergency.

- Are the posturing, bickering, and gamesmanship injected by our elected officials unprecedented?

- What to expect from the change in balance of power in Congress.

- Finally, what are the most pressing issues and challenges ahead for our Union this year?