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The Great Crash of 1929 and Great Depression -- a reflection after 90 years

Ninety years ago, during this week, a stock market crash -- later to be known as "Black Thursday" -- shook the global market. By this time, the dire warning signs of a severe economic downturn were felt around the world, ushering in the Great Depression.

For this meeting, we'll discuss the following:

• The causes of the unprecedented economic downturn. What are the common myths and misconceptions, if any?

• The impacts and aftermath.

• A very brief discussion on the significance of WWI and the implications of WWII, vis-à-vis the Great Depression.

• The lessons learned.

• The role of government in response, and any criticisms of the policies before, during and after the Great Depression.

• The polices enacted under the New Deal -- by way of relief, recovery, and reform -- was this profound expansion in the scope of government justified and / or effective?

• Finally, as we fast-forward to 2019 -- are we headed for another significant economic downturn, amid global economic stagnation, rise of automation and trade wars?