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Political Thinkers: Sam Harris and Reza Azlan

We'll continue the "Political Thinkers" series -- it examines the political and ideological viewpoints of prominent public figures, considered to be tremendously influential in their respective ideological camps.

For this discussion, we'll compare and contrast the views of these contemporary individual: Sam Harris and Reza Azlan. We'll explore the following questions:

- Do their views blur the lines of traditional ideological boundaries?
- What makes their appeal so controversial?
- Have their views and positions always remained intellectually consistent?
- What are their deep-rooted philosophical basis for their stated views and positions, if any?
- What do their rise to popularity indicate about the current cultural or political climate?

We will then view their positions on key policy matters, including:

- Islam vs. Secularism
- The role of religion in shaping public policies.
- The role of religion in international conflicts (past and present).
- Views on evolution and "creationism."
- Merits of political correctness (and lack thereof).
- The current state of "Liberalism."
- The moral complexity of genetics.