Foreign policy

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Foreign Policy Preview of 2018 -- Iran, Pakistan, China, DPRK, and Mexico

For this meeting, we'll preview some of the Foreign Policy challenges ahead for the U.S. in 2018. We'll evaluate and analyze the political tensions and risks in several important regions around the world. Further, we'll examine the international economic trends and the political climate.

To that end, we'll review and analyze the following Nations:

1) Iran -- the future of the Iran Nuclear Deal, as well as the current internal protests and the potential impacts to the stability of this Islamic Republic.

2) Pakistan -- is this the end of the fraught relations between the U.S. and Pakistan? We'll examine whether the strategic, yet transactional relations between the two nations, primarily based on counterterrorism aims, have finally outlived its usefulness.

3) China -- is the U.S. ceding global leadership to China? Can we expect a trade war to be embarked against U.S.? Finally, how does the Sino-DPRK relations affect the U.S. policy against North Korea?

4) North Korea -- a potential nuclear showdown and how this affects the U.S. relations relations with its East Asia nations vis-à-vis South Korea, Japan, and China. Additionally, is the"Olympic Diplomacy" between North and South Korea just a a global shadow "puppet show" or thawing relations?