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American Presidents: James K. Polk (Pres. No. 11)

The "American Presidents" series will explore the legacies of select former American Presidents by examining their biographies, before, during, and after their Presidencies.

One of the goals of the Presidents series is to critically examine and learn more about the obscure, lesser-known Presidents. To that end, we'll be examining many Presidents from the 19th Century and the early 20th Century.


For the debut series, we'll be examining the James K. Polk Presidency. The topics of discussions may include the following for this 11th President:

- The historic state of America during this era.

- The state of the economy, trade, and technology during this era.

- The early personal life and career of this President before the presidency.

- Any landmark achievements or reforms, as well as any failures and controversies.

- The foreign policy goals and international alliances at the time.

- The ever-lasting legacies and influences (if any).

- How this President stacks with other former presidents in the overall job approval ratings.

- Finally, if they were sitting in the Oval Office in 2018, how effective will they be?


No required reading for this meeting.