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A Launching of The NYCPF Book Club!

Very excited to be launching our very own Book Club!

Here are the reasons why you should attend The NYCPF Book Club discussions:

• Are you constantly looking for and / or offering book recommendations?

• Do you have an insatiable appetite for reading?

• Do you have an "eclectic" taste in books that you wish to share with others?

• Do you enjoy in-depth and insightful discussions based on a subject matter that only a book can offer?

• The Book Club discussions will invite each reader to an "intellectual journey" to understand the characters, the stakeholders, the issues, the situs, etc.

The subject matters of a book selection may include the following areas of interest: political philosophy and theory, economy and finance, history, biography, memoirs, geopolitical case studies, social research, or even a good-ole fashioned novel, based on the previously-mentioned themes.


For starters, our first book selection is:

The Power Broker -- Robert Moses and the Fall of New York (by Robert Caro © 1974)