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Book Club: "Why Liberalism Failed" (by Patrick J. Deneen)

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For this book club meeting, well read and discuss "Why Liberalism Failed" (by Patrick J. Deneen). In this provocative book, the author challenges some of the bedrock assumptions about the conventional Western views.

Some questions worthy of further exploration, directly from the book:

• How the application of the term "liberalism" has morphed in the American political context.

• Has "liberalism" exhausted itself?

• Have the failures of "liberalism" led to cultural decline, the erosion of freedoms, income inequality, and the growth of powerful, centralized bureaucracies?

• Do you agree with the author's critique of "economic liberalism" as practiced by both the Democrats and Republicans in the U.S.?

The discussion will be co-moderated by Earl R. Smith II, PhD. (

The Future of MAGA in a Post-Trump World

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Now that Pres. Biden has been sworn in to be the next POTUS, we'll discuss the following:

1) The future of MAGA in a post-Trump world.

2) The prevalence of "Trumpism" in the future of the conservative movement.

3) What will the future of conservatism look like in the next four years?

4) Finally, what will Frmr. Pres. Trump's post-presidential career look like, now that he's out of the office?

Additionally, we'll read and discuss the highlights of the Trump Tweets (a/k/a "POTUS Poetry Jam") -- the famous words of our 45th President on Twitter.

Other "2020 Post-Mortem" series:
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Time to Heal Our Nation (Part Two)

A preview of the incoming Biden Administration and the 117th Congress

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

As President-elect Biden is expected to be sworn in later this month, let's take a critical look at the makeup of this new Administration, as we get a glimpse of the priorities and challenges ahead. Let's discuss the following:

• Who's who of Biden's inner circle of advisers and Cabinet officials.

• The continuing challenges of the ongoing pandemic and economic recession.

• What will his first 100 days look like?

• What are his policy priorities for the following areas: domestic affairs, economy and foreign policy?

• Is Biden expected to govern as a "centrist" in the name of purported "bipartisan" pursuits?

• How influential and prominent will VP Harris be in this Administration?

• Will the Biden Administration simply be the continuation of the Obama Administration?

• What are the challenges of establishing "public legitimacy," in light of a heavily-contested post-election challenges?

• We'll discuss the outcomes of the Georgia runoffs and the new makeup of the 117th Congress. How will this influence this Administrator's ability to govern, given the control of both branches of government by one party?

"I've Been to the Mountaintop" (by Dr. King)

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As we mark the MLK Day, we'll read and discuss "I've Been to the Mountaintop," a final address delivered by Dr. King on April 3, 1968. It can be accessed from various sources online, including at the following link below:


(Note: the audio version of the speech can be accessed from the same webpage).


Some questions worthy of further exploration:

• Who is the intended audience of the speech, and has he pursued the audience?

• How does the speech resonate, if any at all, during these dark and turbulent times?

• Do you find the moral, philosophical, and religious references to be relevant and persuasive?

• What or where is the metaphorical "Promised Land" mentioned in the speech? Have we, as society gotten there yet? If not, will we ever get there, if it's even within our reach at all?

• What are some the universal or timeless virtues and principles that emerge from the speech?

Is COVID-19 pandemic a preview of our climate change future?

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

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We'll continue discussing the coronavirus pandemic. For the Eighth Session, we'll discuss whether this pandemic is a preview of what's to come if the current projections of climate change turns out to be true.

To that end, below is what we've discovered so far from the pandemic -- and these are the important questions that our society must rigorously examine:

• This pandemic has revealed the sobering reality of the true limits and vulnerabilities of human nature and our technology vs. the mightiness and dangers of the natural world.

• The potential reemergence of "prehistoric" plagues from rapid melting of the Arctic ice. This pandemic has revealed that our immune systems are highly vulnerable to any "novel" pathogens.

Political Thinkers: Ayn Rand

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

We'll continue the "Political Thinkers" series. It critically examines the political and ideological viewpoints of prominent public intellectuals, both current and from the past.

Here, the goal is to discuss fresh viewpoints -- some of which might be "unconventional" in nature -- in analyzing its applicability in our ever-increasingly complex society. Just like every issue that our group discusses, we examine and evaluate it with an independent and critical lens, at the highest level of intellectual rigor.


For this discussion, we'll evaluate the life and legacy of Ayn Rand. We'll explore the following:

▨ The highlights of her career as an author and public intellectual.

▨ The development of Rand's philosophy of "Objectivism." A discussion on the Objectivist positions on metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, and aesthetics.

▨ Rand's influence in the modern political movements and public intellectuals.

For those that want to get some exposure to Ayn Rand's idea prior to the meetup, here are some suggested readings. These are all on the website of the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI), which is an organization dedicated to spreading and advocating Ayn Rand's ideas.

Book Club: "The Prince" by Niccolò Machiavelli

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

For this meeting, we'll read and discuss Machiavelli's "The Prince" (https://en.wikipedia....).

Based on the reading, here are some questions and themes for our discussion:

▨ The emergence of the Italian renaissance, its reigning rulers of the period, and the governing system.

▨ A brief biography of Machiavelli.

▨ The intended audience and meaning of The Prince.

▨ The analysis and interpretation of The Prince.

▨ The applicability of political principles and theories stemming from The Prince.

▨ The wide-ranging influence of The Prince -- from the revolutionaries, controversial theorists, dictators, to modern politicians.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to attend, it is strongly recommended that you read the text, as the discussion will primarily be based from the reading assignment. Many copies are available on line, including at the following link: https://www.constitut...

More details to follow.

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The Suez Canal Crisis of 1956 (Law, History, and Politics)

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

For this meeting, we'll discuss the Suez Canal Crisis of 1956.

To that end, we'll discuss and analyze each of its three distinct components: Law, History and Politics.

I. Law
- The Convention of Constantinople of 1888 (https://en.wikipedia....)

- The Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936 (https://en.wikipedia....)

- A secret agreement reached between the governments of Britain, France and Israel, later to be known as the "Protocol of Sèvres" (https://en.wikipedia....)