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Current Events Forum: NYC's Uber Moratorium, Supreme Court and the House of Saud

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

As the Midterm Elections nears, we'll discuss the most compelling stories and events unfolding in our City, Nation, and around the world.

- The City: Back in August, the NYC Council voted to place a one-year moratorium on a number of "for-hire" vehicles (e.g., Uber, Lyft, etc.) on city streets. It was part of a package of bills intended to address the unbridled growth of ride-hailing services in the city. (https://legistar.coun...=). We'll discuss any purported pros and cons of this law, including how this impacts residents in all Boroughs, traffic congestion issues, and the rapidly declining taxi / limo industry.

Gandhi at 150

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

This month marks the 150th birth anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi. As we commemorate this milestone, we'll take a critical look at his life and legacy.

- A very brief summary of his biography, including his early years in England and South Africa.

- His visions for an "Independent India," away from the British rule.

- His attempts at establishing interfaith-harmony.

- His "nonviolent resistance" and the rise of the "peace movement."

- His role in the India-Pakistan partition and how it fueled "ultra-nationalism."

- His views on the caste system.

- The purported merits of his moral philosophy (and any criticisms thereof), and any unintended consequences.

- Finally, are Gandhi's views and ideologies still relevant today? Do his views and ideas maintain any "universal appeal"?

More details to follow.

New York, NY - USA

Saturday, October 20 at 3:00 PM


The Midterm Elections! (A Special Townhall Forum)

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

We're just three weeks away from the Midterm Elections!

This is a special "townhall"-style event to discuss the important issues at stake in the November elections. From local offices to the fate of the balance of power in Congress -- we'll discuss what's ahead, in a public "townhall"-style forum -- democracy at its finest!

Special thanks to Nala, Rob, Erik, Louis, and Henry who participated in the recent "mini-debate" on the topics of healthcare, tax policy, and #MeToo. They will further elaborate on how these issues and themes will come into play in the Midterm Elections.

Other special guests will include Marta from Micgoat ( and Jess from Motivote (