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The Great Crash of 1929 and Great Depression -- a reflection after 90 years

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

* IMPORTANT: please note the start time of 3:30pm for this event.

Ninety years ago, during this week, a stock market crash -- later to be known as "Black Thursday" -- shook the global market. By this time, the dire warning signs of a severe economic downturn were felt around the world, ushering in the Great Depression.

For this meeting, we'll discuss the following:

• The causes of the unprecedented economic downturn. What are the common myths and misconceptions, if any?

• The impacts and aftermath.

• A very brief discussion on the significance of WWI and the implications of WWII, vis-à-vis the Great Depression.

• The lessons learned.

• The role of government in response, and any criticisms of the policies before, during and after the Great Depression.

• The polices enacted under the New Deal -- by way of relief, recovery, and reform -- was this profound expansion in the scope of government justified and / or effective?

• Finally, as we fast-forward to 2019 -- are we headed for another significant economic downturn, amid global economic stagnation, rise of automation and trade wars?

New York, NY - USA

Saturday, October 26 at 3:30 PM


"Deepfakes," Ethics, and the First Amendment

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

For this meeting, we'll discuss the intersection of "deepfakes," ethics and the First Amendment.

A Wikipedia definition of a "deepfake" (and its application) is as follows: "a technique for human image synthesis based on artificial intelligence. It is used to combine and superimpose existing images and videos onto source images or videos using a machine learning technique known as generative adversarial network. Because of these capabilities, deepfakes have been used to create fake celebrity pornographic videos or revenge porn. Deepfakes can also be used to create fake news and malicious hoaxes." (https://en.wikipedia....).

For this meeting, we'll discuss the following:

○ Have we now officially charted into the "Post-Truth" world?

○ What are, and should be, the limits of the First Amendment, if any?

○ How can the existing laws and legal remedies fend off the use of deepfakes for malicious purposes?

○ What ethical obligations, if any, do the tech companies and media industries have in combating deepfakes that are used for malicious purposes?

(Oh, Britannia!) Here Comes Brexit!

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

As this do-or-die deadline looms, the fate of the U.K. remains in the hands of one person -- P.M. Boris Johnson (and his minority party). Will his last-ditch bid (bluff?) avoid a "no-deal" Brexit?

Join us for this special Halloween meetup to raise a toast, as the Brits prepare to crash out of the E.U. bloc -- with or without a deal. Boris Johnson may have some TRICKS up his sleeve, but a no-deal Brexit won't be a TREAT for many Brits.

In a spirit of Churchillian tradition, we'll go to the Churchill Tavern in Midtown for some Shepherd's pie, ale and bread.

More details to follow.

New York, NY 10001 - USA

Thursday, October 31 at 7:00 PM


The Suez Canal Crisis of 1956 (Law, History, and Politics)

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

For this meeting, we'll discuss the Suez Canal Crisis of 1956.

To that end, we'll discuss and analyze each of its three distinct components: Law, History and Politics.

I. Law
- The Convention of Constantinople of 1888 (https://en.wikipedia....)

- The Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936 (https://en.wikipedia....)

- A secret agreement reached between the governments of Britain, France and Israel, later to be known as the "Protocol of Sèvres" (https://en.wikipedia....)