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Demystifying the "Deep State" (plus the InfoWars Ban)

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

Premise: The deep level of distrust and disdain in many of our society's institutions are at all time low. Some feel betrayed by these institutions, while others assert that they have simply outlived their usefulness, in this rapidly-changing society. Technology has fueled the widespread of misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Where do we go from here?


Background: For many decades, those on the Left commonly invoked the term "Military Industrial Complex" in criticizing government abuse and lack of transparency. Those on the Right commonly invoked the term "Shadow Government" to describe a similar phenomena. However, in the recent years the term "Deep Sate" has seeped into the public discourse.


For this meeting, we'll evaluate and explore the following concepts in furtherance of demystifying the "Deep State":

- Its origins and prominence, especially in the name of "National Security."

- Other similar terms and phenomena, including "The Police State," "The Security State," "The Permanent State," and "The New World Order."

- Emergence of mainstream appeal of underground conspiracy movements vis-a-vis "QAnon."

- The notion of "entrenched bureaucracy."

Upcoming New York Primaries and Congressional Midterm Elections (a preview)

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

We're just days away from the local primary elections, involving contests for the following contests:

Local city council seats

State Attorney General primaries

State Gubernatorial primaries

State Senate primaries

We'll also preview the upcoming Congressional Midterm Elections.

As always, we focus on the substantive issues, rather than the "horse-race" aspect of the contests.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: because The NYC Political Forum is a nonpartisan organization, we do not endorse or advocate on behalf of any causes, agendas, groups, organizations, or political parties. As such, this event is for "discussion" purposes only.

More details to follow.

New York, NY 10001 - USA

Saturday, September 8 at 3:00 PM


The 2008 Financial Crisis -- Ten Years Later . . .

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

Ten years ago, on this very day, Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This started a pivotal three-week period that ultimately resulted in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

As we look back at what took place ten years ago, we'll discuss the following:

- How much have we recovered?

- Were the massive bailouts of the financial institutions justified?

- Was the justification of "too big to fail" a morally plausible one?

- What were the lessons learned, if any?

- Are the corrective measures that went into effect (e.g., the Dodd Frank Act) sufficient in addressing the root cause?

- Can this happen again -- or more appropriately, are we in a midst of another impending financial crisis?

- The geopolitical implications of the financial crisis.

- Finally, how has the financial crisis affected you personally? Did you make carer changes or redirect your budgeting or fiscal priorities?

New York, NY 10001 - USA

Saturday, September 15 at 3:00 PM


Law, History & Politics: Nuremberg and Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal (c. 1945-48)

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

For this meeting, we'll discuss the Nuremberg Trial and Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal, and analyze its three distinct components: Law, History and Politics.

To that end, we'll discuss and evaluate the following:

I. Law

The purported merits of a public trial before an international tribunal.

The makeup of the trial participants, including prosecutors, defense counsels, and the panel of judges.

The overview of the trial, verdict, and sentencing.

Judge Radhabinod Pal of India's dissenting opinion in the Tokyo Trials.

The Nuremberg Principles

The indictment against Japanese "Class A" war criminal defendants

The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives -- a townhall discussion

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

INTRO -- please watch this short TED Talks video by Jonathan Haidt:


We've partnered with WeWork for this special "townhall" style event. The discussions will be moderated by Andy ( and Thomas.

This discussion will initially start out from the five "moral statements" mentioned in the TED Talks.

- harm / care
- fairness / reciprocity
- in-group / loyalty
- authority / respect
- purity / sanctity

We'll then discuss different ways how the liberals and conservatives perceive their own psychology vis-à-vis the psychology of their ideological counterparts. We'll compare and contrast the instinctual, tribal, and steadfast "visceral" views held by both sides, including the following examples: