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Law, History & Politics: Founding of UN + Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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For this meeting, we'll discuss:

1) the founding of the United Nations; and

2) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (circa Dec. 1948)

To that end, we'll discuss and analyze each of its three distinct components: Law, History and Politics.

The Premise:
In the previous episode of LHP, World War II had just ended ( Various international tribunals were formed, adjudicating the "crimes against humanity" of the recently-defeated Axis powers. The rise and fall of "nationalism" during the early part of the Twentieth Century -- giving rise to the bloodiest conflict in human history -- has now given way to grand reconstruction efforts, by way of the Marshal Plan and the formation of the United Nations.

Here are the discussion topics:

I. Law

The Charter of the United Nations

The Fifth Annual Holiday Party!

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

You're cordially invited to join us for the Fifth Annual Holiday Party! We had so much fun during the First (, Second (, Third (, and Fourth ( Annual Holiday Parties, we'll continue the tradition!

This is a special celebration, as this year marks the Fifth Anniversary of this group!

The vibe: we have the entire second floor reserved, conducive for a fun, festive gathering. "Happy Hour" drink prices offered for select drinks for the duration of the event.