Happy 2016 ~ a launching of nycpoliticalforum.org

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Happy 2016 ~ a launching of nycpoliticalforum.org

As we usher in the New Year -- during an important Presidential Election cycle -- I'm excited to announce the launching of the nycpoliticalforum.org website!


For the devotees who enjoy attending the NYCPF discussions, the external website can be another outlet to connect with others. Here, you can continue the discussions when our meetups end. You can post links to alert other members about references or other articles. As many are aware, there are many themes or subtopics that emerge from our meetup discussions -- here, you can continue those discussions or follow up on a matter that remained fully unaddressed.

Also, if you're a prolific blogger or enjoy writing op-ed pieces, feel free to submit them to the NYCPF discussion board. We can post them "anonymously," if you wish to retain your privacy.

Additionally, we'll be starting a new online discussion series entitled "What will the Nation look like under President ________?"


From Candidate Sanders to Candidate Trump, we'll offer in-depth online discussions regarding what each major candidate's policy positions and priorities will be, under the hypothetical Presidency. We'll select and examine a different candidate every several weeks from now until November 2016.

Finally, we'll be starting a new online Google Hangout discussion series:


Here, the objective is to provide yet another platform, via Google Hangout, for members who wish to hold discussions between the impending regular "Monthly Meetups." It will be limited to about five attendees. We respect and honor each member's privacy and confidentiality -- so, it will NOT be recorded.

The Year 2016 will be an exciting year for this group, so I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Happy New Year,