A preview of the incoming Biden Administration and the 117th Congress

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

As President-elect Biden is expected to be sworn in later this month, let's take a critical look at the makeup of this new Administration, as we get a glimpse of the priorities and challenges ahead. Let's discuss the following:

• Who's who of Biden's inner circle of advisers and Cabinet officials.

• The continuing challenges of the ongoing pandemic and economic recession.

• What will his first 100 days look like?

• What are his policy priorities for the following areas: domestic affairs, economy and foreign policy?

• Is Biden expected to govern as a "centrist" in the name of purported "bipartisan" pursuits?

• How influential and prominent will VP Harris be in this Administration?

• Will the Biden Administration simply be the continuation of the Obama Administration?

• What are the challenges of establishing "public legitimacy," in light of a heavily-contested post-election challenges?

• We'll discuss the outcomes of the Georgia runoffs and the new makeup of the 117th Congress. How will this influence this Administrator's ability to govern, given the control of both branches of government by one party?

DISCLAIMER: The NYCPF is a nonpartisan organization. As such, we do NOT promote or advocate on behalf of any particular issues, causes, political parties, or candidates. Rather, our aim is to foster independent, critical thinking by the exchange of views at the highest level of intellectual rigor. In doing so, we base our discussions purely to substantive facts based on credible evidence, with a zero tolerance for wild "conspiracy theories."

New York, - USA

Sunday, January 24 at 5:00 PM