Is COVID-19 pandemic a preview of our climate change future?

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We'll continue discussing the coronavirus pandemic. For the Eighth Session, we'll discuss whether this pandemic is a preview of what's to come if the current projections of climate change turns out to be true.

To that end, below is what we've discovered so far from the pandemic -- and these are the important questions that our society must rigorously examine:

• This pandemic has revealed the sobering reality of the true limits and vulnerabilities of human nature and our technology vs. the mightiness and dangers of the natural world.

• The potential reemergence of "prehistoric" plagues from rapid melting of the Arctic ice. This pandemic has revealed that our immune systems are highly vulnerable to any "novel" pathogens.

• Our society, cultural norms, institutions, infrastructure, and government were grossly unprepared for a global (let alone a nation-wide) crisis.

• Our society, institutions, infrastructure, and government are grossly under-prepared and ill-equipped for an adequate medical response.

• While some experts have been ringing the alarm bell for many years, many of our elected officials and society at large (myself included) were asleep behind the wheel -- some even outright downplayed the dangers. Only after the crisis had unfolded, we then found ourselves asking "how could this have happened? . . . I had no idea it would be this bad."

• FINALLY, assuming that the projections by the overwhelming majority of the experts in the scientific community are true, what can be done? Is it too late? Can the skeptics ever be convinced of the scientific data?


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New York, - USA

Saturday, December 18 at 7:00 PM