On "ideological absolutism" and "purity tests"

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

For this meeting, we'll discuss the "non-compromising" postures often observed in partisan politics. When is the "litmus test" applicable for an elected official? What's more, as the primary season is underway, and in the aftermath of the Impeachment, we've also observed growing ideological divide within each major parties (a/k/a "the circular firing squad" and the threats of "primary challenges").

Let's further explore the following:

▨ Why has "compromise" in governance become equated with "betrayal" or "disingenuousness"?

▨ Are "political purity tests" productive or overly rigid?

▨ When are "political purity tests" justified in shifting the Overton Window of the public discourse?

▨ On what grounds can one justify an outright "ideological absolutism"?

▨ In a partisan dog fight, when is it acceptable to abandon party loyalty and caucus with the opposing party?

▨ FINALLY, we'll discuss the merits (and defenses) of the perennial debate in "pragmatism vs. ideological rigidity."

Using the principles set forth above, we'll apply them to the current issues at stake:

- climate change
- abortion
- healthcare
- Free Speech
- The Second Amendment
- foreign military intervention
- Gov't expenditures and fiscal policies

Given the time constraints, rather than engaging in a full-scale "debate" on all of the issues, we'll simply spend about 15 minute on each issue in applying and analyzing the above principles.

*** The RSVP window will open 8 to 10 days before the event.

New York, NY 10001 - USA

Sunday, January 3 at 1:00 PM