The Life and Legacy Robert Mugabe (1924 - 2019)

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In light of the recent passing of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, we'll discuss his life and legacy. As part of the critical analysis, we'll examine his lengthy, complicated and mixed record, much of it consists of mass corruption and violent oppression.

The following will be discussed:

▨ His early life under colonial rule of the British Empire in Rhodesia.

▨ His years spent in capacity as a political prisoner.

▨ Rhodesia's "Unilateral Independence" from Britain.

▨ The development of Mugabe's political ideology, amid the Guerilla War.

▨ Zimbabwe's Independence in 1980 and the rise to power. The purported objectives of unifying Zimbabwe.

▨ His grand visions of "pan-Africanism."

▨ Massive economic decline, rampant corruption and egregious mismanagement of the nation's affairs.

▨ Land seizures from the minority white landowners and farmers.

▨ Hyperinflation and the massive unpopularity, leading to a power-sharing agreement.

▨ The ultimate removal of power via coup and resignation.

▨ FINALLY, his legacy as the founding leader of the Republic of Zimbabwe, his life-long opposition to British colonialism, and the notoriety as being a violent and brutal dictator.


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New York, NY - USA

Saturday, September 21 at 1:00 PM