A Day Trip to Governors Island!

photo"The NYC Political Forum"

The summer is almost over! Time for a fun day trip -- a picnic, strolling around the Island, and checking out special exhibits. There will, of course, be plenty of time to discuss politics!

We had so much fun during the 2017 trip, let's do it again! (https://www.meetup.co...)


The ferry schedule can be viewed at:



12:15pm -- meet at the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan (10 South Street)

12:30pm -- aboard the ferry (if you miss this ferry, the next one runs at 1pm)

1:00 to 5:15pm -- tour the Island

5:30pm -- depart the Island

*** From Brooklyn: take the 12:30pm ferry from Pier 6 at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and meet us on the Island around 12:45pm.



- The cost of the ferry is $3 for a round trip.

- Pack your own lunch or buy from the vendors.

- Feel free to bring snacks or beverages to share with others.

- This is a "rain or shine" event, but bring an umbrella, in case it rains.

- After the day trip, we may go out for dinner at a nearby restaurant in Manhattan.


Discussion Topics:

I. A state of the 2020 Presidential Primaries.

II. The truths and myths about the "BIG GOV'T" -- when it works and when it fails.

III. Foreign affairs (topic TBD).

More details to follow.

New York, NY 10005 - USA

Saturday, August 24 at 12:15 PM