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Two days left before we choose the next Commander in Chief to be the "Leader of the Free World"

The stakes couldn't be higher, as these candidates are vying to be the next Commander in Chief, as well as the next "Leader of the Free World."

The issues that the next President-elect will confront will include:

• National security strategies and priorities.

• A comprehensive plan for the Middle East, Russia and China.

• The proposed scope of the "War on Terror" (including the AUMF, the Patriot Act, and the use of drones).

• Any changes to the U.S. AID. and policies to the "Developing" nations.

• Any strategic reforms in diplomacy and bilateral relations in midst of the current geopolitical realignment.

• Any support or opposition to other bilateral and multilateral commitments (e.g., NATO, the United Nations, the "Paris Climate" Agreement, the TPP, etc.)

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MEMBER BLOG: "Making America Hate Again" (by Elliot Cohen)

PLEASE NOTE: the MEMBER BLOGS are op-eds directly contributed by the NYCPF members -- therefore, the NYCPF neither endorses the opinions expressed, nor verifies as to the veracity of the factual matter asserted. Basically, the MEMBER BLOGS simply offer one of many perspectives on a given issue directly from the members.


Making America Hate Again (authored by Elliot Cohen — October 20, 2016)

What the Trump phenomenon teaches us about history and the future threat to American Democracy
Authored by Elliot Cohen
Edition: 1

Some seventy years after the defeat of fascism in Europe, one of the two major political parties in the United States is promoting a presidential candidate who openly advocates the deportation of millions of immigrants and the tracking of millions of other citizens based on their religion.

How could the nation that responded to the global threat of fascism by proclaiming "we have nothing to fear, but fear itself" give rise to a demagogue who used fear to grow such a large and frightening political movement?

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¡ Viva Las Vegas !

The stakes are high in this final Vegas showdown
Brace yourselves for a wild night!
Expect many wildcards, double-downs, and poker faces

But this whole debate thing must be “rigged” because the House always wins
Can an underdog beat the odds in a high-risk, high-reward gamble?
Will the moderator have "a trick up his sleeve"?

Who knows it's like a crapshoot -- or more like a Russian Roulette
Is the rise and fall of Trump’s Taj Mahal a harbinger of his political fate?
What happens in Vegas . . . well you know the rest.

¡ Viva Las Vegas !

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Bob Moses vs. Walt Whitman

During our book club discussion last night, as part of an ongoing reading of Power Broker, a comparison of Robert Moses and Walt Whitman came up. This was in the context of Moses being heralded as the Long Island Parks Commissioner.

Obviously, both men were the antithesis of what each other stood for -- Whitman, who predates Moses admired the scenic bounty of Long Island in its "natural" state. Moses, on the other hand, had a grand vision of building a comprehensive Park System and highways, thereby effectively disturbing the "Great Wilderness to the East," known as Long Island.

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The Winners & Losers of the Second Presidential Debate: Steve Bannon and Breitbart

The above image visually encapsulates the dark -- and somewhat awkward -- mood of the debate last night.

Some media outlets proclaimed last night's Town Hall debate as the "UGLIEST DEBATE EVER."

But the real winner and loser (simultaneously speaking) was Steve Bannon -- most notably his cohorts at Breitbart. The string of zingers and one-liners that flared out from Trump during the debate was like a one-man machine gun fire, loaded with heavy arsenal, copiously-laced with the outrage commonly expressed in the Breitbart community.

Consider, for example, many "casual references" in Trumps zingers that are not easily discernible for an average voter:

- Hillary the "Devil"
- Sydney Blumenthal
- "Extreme Vetting"
- Juanita Broderick and Paula Jones
- HRC's "laughter" at the then-12-year old victim
- "C" is for "Classified"

Of course, these casual references were capped off with a stern, ominous warning that "you'd be In jail' if I (Trump) were the President, conjuring Putin-esque, dictatorial fantasies.

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Election 2016: thirty days left and counting . . .

Election day is now less than one month away.

Strangely, this doesn't seem like other Election Year. Is this even a close race or will there by an electoral landslide?

Notwithstanding a substance-free election, perhaps we've finally immersed ourselves into the era of "post-truth politics."

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The First 2016 Presidential Debate -- A Near Substance-Free Battle of "Stamina"

For those who missed the First Presidential Debate, it amounted to nothing more than a near substance-free exchange and provided plenty of fodder for late-night comedy.

Notwithstanding the palpably-awkward moments, what we've learned from the First Debate are as follows:

The word "look" (noun) now means "stamina."
The word "bigly" (or "BIGLY") has entered into our political lexicon.
Rosie O'Donnell was invoked, once again, on the debate stage.
HRC has been fighting ISIS most of her adult life.
And let's blame everything on HRC -- "why not?"

While the Debate Moderator's objectivity (or lack thereof) is open for debate and notwithstanding the problem with Trump's microphone, the First Debate is undoubtedly the most substance-free debate in the modern presidential history.

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The Rise And The (Ostensible) Fall Of The Religious Conservatives In the U.S.

PLEASE NOTE: the MEMBER BLOGS are op-eds directly contributed by the NYCPF members -- therefore, the NYCPF neither endorses the opinions expressed, nor verifies as to the veracity of the factual matter asserted. Basically, the MEMBER BLOGS simply offer one of many perspectives on a given issue directly from the members.


The Rise And The (Ostensible) Fall Of The Religious Conservatives In the U.S. (by Michael John -- aka "The Thinker")

September 8, 2016

In 2014, Pew showed that 72% of Americans think religion is losing its influence in public life and that there's been a recent slight uptick of Americans who say religious institutions should express views on political matters (49%). It further showed that a growing minority (32%) say religious institutions should come out and support political candidates, and 59% think it's important for members of Congress to have religious beliefs. As expected, Republicans lean more towards wanting more religion in public life.

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Thank you Impact NYC and #CivicHall

An esteemed panel of election law experts from left to right:

Michael Kopko (moderator, Impact NYC)
Ann Ravel (FEC Comm'r)
James Bopp, Esq. (Counsel, Citizens United)
Trevor Potter (former FEC Comm'r)
Prof. Richard Briffault (Columbia Law School)
Jon Reznick (Competitive Advantage Research)
Sen. Gustavo Rivera (NY State Sen., Dist. 33)
Amy Loprest, (NYC Campaign Finance Board)


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The New G.O.P. = The Party of Trump (?)

I wrote a short Trump poem -- "def jam poetry" style -- that I'd like to share:

A self-proclaimed "Outsider"
Who managed to outfox FOX
The odious and outlandish remarks didn't matter

A New Yorker with an outsized persona
Who outraged and outflanked the Establishment
All without even outwitting the sixteen other outstanding candidates

From Trump University to Trump Mortgage
These failures obviously didn't outweigh against his Presidential bid
But no one outright cares among his supporters

The mantra of "Limited Gov't" now thrown out the window
Maybe they threw the proverbial "baby" out with the bathwater
The conventional "Conservatism"­ now shattered outright

An illegitimate interloper who seized control and outraged his own party
Once considered a statistical outlier in this once-crowded field
Now he's out campaigning on the new mantle of the G.O.P.

Will he stop the job outsource to China?
Maybe he'll look outward towards Mexico behind that Wall.
Perhaps the Trump Tower will outscore the Whitehouse in the end