Law, History & Politics (Season 2): Magna Carta

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We'll kick off the Second Season of Law History and Politics! This month's season debut will be a discussion based on Magna Carta Libertatum (Medieval Latin for "the Great Charter of the Liberties").

Our discussions will include:

I. Law

Textual meaning of this "Great Charter," as well as the subsequent iterations.

Certain protections and guarantees under this Charter.

The subsequent laws passed in the ensuing years, including the Habeus Corpus Act and the Bill of Rights.

II. History

The historical background circa 13th Century.

The Legacies of King John, as well as, other Kings that immediately preceded and superseded him.

The internal turmoil in the British Isles, including civil wars and unrest, among various factions.

England's hostile relations with its neighbors, territorial expansions, and the resulting of various wars.

III. Politics

How Magna Carta gave rise to the notion of the "British Exceptionalism."

How it was incorporated into the British Constitution.

How it had an everlasting influence, including during the Enlightenment Era.

How it became universally adopted and symbolized, giving rise to the modern concept of the "universal human rights."


The full English translation of Magna Carta can be accessed here:

While the reading assignments are not mandatory, all attendees are strongly urged to familiarize themselves with the general context of these selections.

Here's a soundtrack for this meetup:


More about LHP:

The LHP series explore the intersections of its namesake -- an in-depth study of a particular law, court decision, or a legal precedent that shaped the political forces and its historical ramifications.

Last year, the LHP series covered subject matters that directly related to the U.S. We read and discussed landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions, particular Constitutional Amendments, or an influential legislative body of work.

For Season Two, the advanced LHP series will explore international and comparative law from a historic perspective. These may include: Magna Carta, the Code of Justinian, the Code of Hammurabi -- to more recent selections, such as the Treaty of Versailles, the U.N. Declaration on Human Rights and the Geneva Convention.


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