Saturday, December 29, 2018 Foreign Policy Forum: Climate Summit, Paris Protests, Brazil's Bolsonaro, Yemen

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As we wrap up another busy year, we'll discuss a few important events and stories unfolding around the world.

1) Paris Protests -- The "Yellow Vest Movement" has sparked the world's attention in the recent weeks. We'll discuss the source of tensions, and the underlying economic and regulatory policies giving rise to this movement.

2) Brazil's Bolsonaro -- Brazil's President-elect is a self-proclaimed "nationalist" and "populist." In the post-liberal Lula-Rousseff era, there are many challenges ahead, including rampant corruption, as well as its relations with the South American neighbors and the U.S. The rise of self-proclaimed "populist" leaders with authoritarian leanings are prevalent in the current era -- what does it say about the current state of affairs?

3) Yemen's War -- The U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen is quickly losing public support. This is especially the prevailing consensus in Congress, in the wake of the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi. The Senate, in its resolution, exercises the War Powers Act to order the executive branch to end an unauthorized military campaign. As this war enters its fourth year, we'll discuss the vested interests in this apparent regional proxy war, as well as the grave humanitarian crisis unfolding on our watch.

4) The UN IPCC's Special Report on Climate Change -- We'll discuss the findings and recommendations from the report ( Given the broad and overwhelmingly complex scope of the topic of climate change, we'll focus the discussion to the report's findings, purported merits, and the practicality of the recommendations. Finally, if time permits, we'll briefly discuss the outcome of the Katowice Climate Change Conference.

After the discussions, we'll go out for drinks and food, and say farewell to 2018!