Motion Debate: "Universal Basic Income"

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This is an invitation to attend and watch a live Motion Debate as an audience. This event is in collaboration with, as part of the monthly debate series. It's FREE to attend and complimentary beverages will be offered. To attend, please complete the RSVP on this meetup page and also register at the external splashpage by clicking here.

Brian Hanley and Conrad Shaw will team up against Erik Carter and Christina Zorbas. It will be moderated by Evan Rhoda.

This month's Motion: "Universal basic income is the most important solution to rising joblessness in America."



• "Artificial intelligence poses a serious threat to the future of human existence." (Oct. 25th)

• "Higher education in America is worth the cost of tuition." (Sept. 28th).

• "It is difficult to successfully integrate or assimilate Islamic culture in the U.S." (Aug 24th)

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• Is it a proper function of the government to provide healthcare to its citizens? (June 21st)

• Has "Political Correctness" gone too far? (May 25th)

• Is "Stop and Frisk" an effective policy? (April 5th)

• Does the government have a duty to educate its citizens? (Feb. 22nd)

• Is abundance of open information more harmful or good to society? (Jan. 26th)


Here's the soundtrack to this event: