Two days left before we choose the next Commander in Chief to be the "Leader of the Free World"

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The stakes couldn't be higher, as these candidates are vying to be the next Commander in Chief, as well as the next "Leader of the Free World."

The issues that the next President-elect will confront will include:

• National security strategies and priorities.

• A comprehensive plan for the Middle East, Russia and China.

• The proposed scope of the "War on Terror" (including the AUMF, the Patriot Act, and the use of drones).

• Any changes to the U.S. AID. and policies to the "Developing" nations.

• Any strategic reforms in diplomacy and bilateral relations in midst of the current geopolitical realignment.

• Any support or opposition to other bilateral and multilateral commitments (e.g., NATO, the United Nations, the "Paris Climate" Agreement, the TPP, etc.)