The Winners & Losers of the Second Presidential Debate: Steve Bannon and Breitbart

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The above image visually encapsulates the dark -- and somewhat awkward -- mood of the debate last night.

Some media outlets proclaimed last night's Town Hall debate as the "UGLIEST DEBATE EVER."

But the real winner and loser (simultaneously speaking) was Steve Bannon -- most notably his cohorts at Breitbart. The string of zingers and one-liners that flared out from Trump during the debate was like a one-man machine gun fire, loaded with heavy arsenal, copiously-laced with the outrage commonly expressed in the Breitbart community.

Consider, for example, many "casual references" in Trumps zingers that are not easily discernible for an average voter:

- Hillary the "Devil"
- Sydney Blumenthal
- "Extreme Vetting"
- Juanita Broderick and Paula Jones
- HRC's "laughter" at the then-12-year old victim
- "C" is for "Classified"

Of course, these casual references were capped off with a stern, ominous warning that "you'd be In jail' if I (Trump) were the President, conjuring Putin-esque, dictatorial fantasies.

Last night's Town Hall revealed how the voters live in a parallel universe -- those in the Trumpian world, basking in the furor of Anti-Clintonism and those outside the Trumpian world, who are the vast majority of the society.