The First 2016 Presidential Debate -- A Near Substance-Free Battle of "Stamina"

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For those who missed the First Presidential Debate, it amounted to nothing more than a near substance-free exchange and provided plenty of fodder for late-night comedy.

Notwithstanding the palpably-awkward moments, what we've learned from the First Debate are as follows:

The word "look" (noun) now means "stamina."
The word "bigly" (or "BIGLY") has entered into our political lexicon.
Rosie O'Donnell was invoked, once again, on the debate stage.
HRC has been fighting ISIS most of her adult life.
And let's blame everything on HRC -- "why not?"

While the Debate Moderator's objectivity (or lack thereof) is open for debate and notwithstanding the problem with Trump's microphone, the First Debate is undoubtedly the most substance-free debate in the modern presidential history.

But then again -- as the cliché goes -- 2016 hasn't been a conventional election year.