Saturday, September 1, 2018 Demystifying the "Deep State"

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Premise: The deep level of distrust and disdain in many of our society's institutions are at all time low. Some feel betrayed by these institutions, while others assert that they have simply outlived their usefulness, in this rapidly-changing society. Technology has fueled the widespread of misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Where do we go from here?


Background: For many decades, those on the Left commonly invoked the term "Military Industrial Complex" in criticizing government abuse and lack of transparency. Those on the Right commonly invoked the term "Shadow Government" to describe a similar phenomena. However, in the recent years the term "Deep Sate" has seeped into the public discourse.

For this meeting, we'll evaluate and explore the following concepts in furtherance of demystifying the "Deep State":

- Its origins and prominence, especially in the name of "National Security."

- Other similar terms and phenomena, including "The Police State," "The Security State," "The Permanent State," and "The New World Order."

- Emergence of mainstream appeal of underground conspiracy movements vis-a-vis "QAnon."

- The notion of "entrenched bureaucracy."

- The rise of government secrecy and covert operations.

- The rise of "dark money" and increasing influence of "special interests."

- We'll discuss the Tech companies' recent ban of Infowars for peddling conspiracy theories in the name of critiquing the "Deep State." We'll discuss the possible ramifications and the potential threats to democracy.

- Finally, we'll also discuss how the Michael Cohen guilty plea and Paul Menafort's guilty verdict -- both occurring on the same day -- has any "Deep State" implications.


President Eisenhower's Farewell Speech, which has been often cited when this topic is discussed, can be viewed here:


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Our discussions are premised on concrete facts, to the extent that they are irrebuttable and irrefutable. As such, our discussions will not meander into the "conspiracy theory" realm. While this discussion may have certain "conspiratorial" elements, the spirit and intent of the discussion are still premised on concrete facts.