Movement Politics: Black Lives Matter

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The "Movement Politics" series explore the various social movements, political forces, and coalitions that aim to bring about certain political changes, reforms or outcomes in furtherance of advancing a particular ideology.

Our aim is to explore these movements or groups, in depth, without the veneer of hyperpartisan rhetoric. As such, the discussions will be based on factual evidence, coupled with sound reasoning and any persuasion at the highest level of intellectual rigor.

For this meeting, we've partnered with WeWork for this special "townhall" style event.

For this meeting, we'll examine and take a critical look at the rise and prominence of Black Lives Matter in the public discourse, as it relates to the modern civil rights movement. To that end, we'll discuss and explore the following themes:

- Its origins, organizational structure, and online campaigns.

- Its appeal for civic protest and activism.

- Similarities to prior civic protest movements.

- Its attempts to influence electoral politics.

- Its criticisms, backlash, and any unintended consequences.

- Finally, how BLM may shape the public discourse in the future.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: the "Movement Politics" series are purely intended for discussion purposes only, as the NYCPF does not endorse or advocate on behalf of any groups, organizations, or political parties.

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