Motion Debate: "Healthcare"­­

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This month's Motion: Is it a proper function of the government to provide healthcare to its citizens?

Debaters Chuck Braman and Rob were this month’s winners arguing against the Motion. Citing instances of governmental institutional failures, Chuck and Rob advocated in favor of a market-based approach for access or delivery of the healthcare system. Further, they supported their contention by citing examples of how a robust competition in a truly “open market” fosters efficient and high quality, healthcare, while reducing the burdens from unnecessary waste and bureaucracy.

Arguing in favor of the Motion were Ryan Daulton and Luchi Mmegwa. They first cited a three-prong analysis to justify when government has a proper role in providing healthcare — the three prongs include: 1) examining whether a market failure exists; 2) evaluating the societal cost from the market failures; and 3) assessing the benefits of making the corrections from a market failure. They cited examples of how “information asymmetry” can lead to consumers in the healthcare market making less-informed decisions. They also cited examples of the absurdities of the high out-of-pocket costs and the exorbitant cost of healthcare in the U.S.