Motion Debate: "Does the government have a duty to educate its citizens?"

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The second Motion Debate continues!

Here, we debate the contentious issue of the role of government and public education. Education is undoubtedly an important factor in success and accomplishment -- however, does the Government owe a moral duty to educate its citizens?

Upcoming debate in April:
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Debaters Chuck Braman and Rob Guzman were this month's winners arguing against the motion. Citing a failing public education system paid for by coercion and tax dollars, Chuck and Rob advocated the idea that parents should have full autonomy in choosing how their children receive education.

Arguing for the motion were Ariela Silberstein and Lenny Herrera, who believe that while systems of education in western liberal democracies are flawed, they are necessary. Without government regulation and funding, there would be no metric to determine the success and applicability of a child's education.