Political Thinkers: Jordon Peterson (Part One)

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We'll continue the "Political Thinkers" series -- it critically examines the political and ideological viewpoints of prominent public figures, considered to be tremendously influential in the current "new media" landscape.

Here, the goal is to discuss fresh viewpoints -- some of which might be "unconventional" in nature -- in analyzing its applicability in our ever-increasingly complex society. Just like every issue that our group discusses, we examine and evaluate it in an independent and critical manner, at the highest intellectually-rigorous level.

For this discussion, we'll evaluate the views of the following contemporary individual: Jordon Peterson.

We'll explore the following questions:

- Does his views blur the lines of traditional ideological boundaries?
- What makes his appeal so controversial?
- Has his views and positions always remained intellectually consistent?
- What are his deep-rooted philosophical basis for his stated views and positions, if any?
- What do his rise to popularity indicate about the current cultural or political climate?

We will then view his positions on deep philosophical themes and key policy matters, including:

- The purported dangers of "Postmodernism"
- Political correctness and identity politics
- The philosophy of "truth"
- The archetype of "Western logic"
- Theories on the "patterns of behavior" (current and historic)
- "Christian existentialism"

Because of his voluminous work, the Jordan Peterson discussion will be broken up into multiple series. A portion of the discussions will be based on popular podcast episodes, "YouTube moments," or their literary work.


The future "Political Thinkers" series may include a discussion of the following individuals (in alphabetical order): Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Julian Assange, Steve Bannon, Andrew Breibart, Ian Bremmer, David Brooks, William Buckley, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Ann Coulter, Noam Chomsky, James Damore, Richard Dawkins, Dinesh D'Souza, Nigel Farage, Niall Fergurson, David Frum, Nick Gillespie, Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Jonathan Haidt, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Alex Jones, Naomi Klein, Charles Murray, Maajid Nawaz, Reinhold Niebuhr, Ron Paul, Jordan Peterson, John Rawls, Steven Pinker, Joseph Stiglitz, Peter Thiel, Cornell West, and Howard Zinn.

- The list above is not exhaustive, and it will be amended, as the organizers see fit.
- The NYCPF does not endorse or promote any of the views of these individuals.

PLEASE NOTE: the individuals above will NOT be appearing in-person -- these meetings are for DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY, in comparing and evaluating their views and ideologies.

Finally, in the next season, we will cover more historical individuals from various historical periods.


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