The New G.O.P. = The Party of Trump (?)

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I wrote a short Trump poem -- "def jam poetry" style -- that I'd like to share:

A self-proclaimed "Outsider"
Who managed to outfox FOX
The odious and outlandish remarks didn't matter

A New Yorker with an outsized persona
Who outraged and outflanked the Establishment
All without even outwitting the sixteen other outstanding candidates

From Trump University to Trump Mortgage
These failures obviously didn't outweigh against his Presidential bid
But no one outright cares among his supporters

The mantra of "Limited Gov't" now thrown out the window
Maybe they threw the proverbial "baby" out with the bathwater
The conventional "Conservatism"­ now shattered outright

An illegitimate interloper who seized control and outraged his own party
Once considered a statistical outlier in this once-crowded field
Now he's out campaigning on the new mantle of the G.O.P.

Will he stop the job outsource to China?
Maybe he'll look outward towards Mexico behind that Wall.
Perhaps the Trump Tower will outscore the Whitehouse in the end