Formation of UN + Univ. Declaration of Human Rights (Law, History & Politics)

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For this meeting, we'll discuss:

1) The founding of the United Nations; and

2) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (circa Dec. 1948)

To that end, we'll discuss and analyze each of its three distinct components: Law, History and Politics.

The Premise: In the previous episode of LHP (Season Two), WWII had just ended. Various international tribunals were formed, adjudicating the "crimes against humanity." The rise and fall of "ultra-nationalism" during the early part of the 20th Century has now given way to grand reconstruction efforts (i.e., Marshal Plan and the formation of the UN).

Here are the discussion topics for this meeting:

I. Law

- The Charter of the United Nations

- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

- Conflict of Laws vs. customary international law.

II. History

- Earlier efforts and failures in coalescing intergovernmental organizations, such as the League of Nations.

- A very brief historical summary of the outcome of WWII.

III. Politics

- Various treaties and diplomatic efforts leading up to, and including, the founding of the U.N.

- The purported objectives and missions, and the primary mandate of the U.N.

- A very brief overview of the organizational structure of the U.N.

- The enforcement and applicability of the UDHR in many jurisdictions. The stated claims of threats to sovereignty of certain individual nations.

- Criticisms regarding the U.N.'s ineffectiveness, practicality, and any institutional failures, in attempting to address various conflicts and international issues.

IMPORTANT: This will be announced about 8 to 10 days before the actual event date.


More about LHP:

The LHP series explore the intersections of its namesake -- an in-depth study of a particular law, court decision, or a legal precedent that shaped the political forces and its historical ramifications.

In Season One, the LHP series covered subject matters that directly related to the U.S. We read and discussed landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions, particular Constitutional Amendments, or an influential legislative body of work.

In Season Two, the advanced LHP series explored international and comparative law and treaties from a historic perspective. These included: Magna Carta, the Treaty of Versailles, "populist" revolutions, and the War Crimes Tribunal after WWII,

For Season Three, we'll focus on the development the modern laws, treaties, and other international efforts in the post-WWII context. These may include the formation of the UN, the UNDHR to various UN Resolutions and Declarations of Independence of many nation-states.


LHP series (Season Two):

▨ Nuremberg and Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal (c. [masked]) (Oct. 2018):

▨ The French Revolution (July 2018) (

▨ The Russian Revolution (c. 1917) (June 2018):

▨ The "Beer Hall Putsch" (May 2018):

▨ The Treaty of Versailles (March 2018):

▨ Magna Carta (Jan. 2018):


LHP series (Season One):

▨ Loving v. Virginia and Obergefell v. Hodges (Dec. 2017):

▨ Brown v. Board of Ed. (Sept. 2017):

▨ The Chinese Exclusion Act and Korematsu v. U.S. (July 2017): ( )

▨ Plessy v. Ferguson, (April 2017):

▨ Federalist Papers Nos. 2, 68, and the Dred Scott Decision (Feb. 2017):