Feb. Monthly Meetup -- "Sanctuary City," "Travel" ban, the U.S.-Russia relations

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We'll resume our ever-popular "regular" monthly meeting discussing the most compelling stories and events unfolding in our City, the Nation, and around the World. As always, there's plenty to discuss!

PLUS, our monthly meetings will now feature a new segment -- "a Mini-Debate," where members can engage in a short, structured debate on a contentious issue.



• The City: NYC's role as a "sanctuary city" for immigrants

• The Nation: Pres. Trump's Executive Order ("Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the U.S.") and the subsequent legal challenges (States of Washington and Minnesota v. Trump -- Docket No. 2:17-cv-00141)

• The World: the future of the U.S.-Russia relations under the Trump Administration

*** MINI-DEBATE: Is every American entitled to a healthcare as a "right"?


Last week, Sens. Cruz and Sanders squared off in a live debate over the "Future of Obamacare." An interesting exchange unfolded during the debate, involving a philosophical notion -- as well as a perennially-invoked principle -- of whether healthcare is a "right" or a "privilege." We will conduct a "mini-debate" on this very narrow issue. Click here to watch the full debate.