January Monthly Meetup -- 2nd Ave Subway, "Fake News," South Korea, Mini-Debate

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Happy New Year!

We'll resume our "regular" monthly meeting discussing the most compelling stories and events unfolding in our City, the Nation, and around the World.

PLUS, our monthly meetings will now feature a new segment -- "a Mini-Debate," where members can engage in a short, structured debate on a contentious issue.


• The City: the historic grand opening of the Second Avenue Subway

• The Nation: the emergence of the so-called "Fake News"

• The World: the impeachment of South Korea's President and the possible fallout

*** MINI-DEBATE: Should the U.S. Embassy in Israel change from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?


The "monthly discussion" series are undoubtedly by the most popular discussion series, that serves as our trademark "discussion menu." After a busy 2016 schedule with discussions focused around the presidential elections, we're delighted to bring back this monthly series!