Current Events Forum: Bye Bye Amazon HQ2, Mueller Report, and New Zealand

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As we wrap up another busy month, we'll take a look back at the important events and stories unfolding in our City, Nation and around the world.

▨ The City: As Amazon's plans for its HQ2 in Queens has reversed its course (for now), we'll look at the fallout. Was it a net positive or negative for New Yorkers? Who bears the responsibility, if any , for this abrupt reversal?

▨ The Nation: Now that the Special Counsel Mueller's investigation into the Russia Probe has now finally concluded, we'll have our VERY FIRST (and probably the only) discussion on the outcome of the findings . . . pending the release of the report from the Attorney General's office.

▨ The World: As New Zealand is still mourning over the mosque killings, we'll discuss the larger ramifications, if any, of this incident, including: 1) the government of New Zealand's swift response in proposing restrictive changes to gun laws; 2) the apparent rise in hate crimes and rampant Islamophobia in some corners of the world; and 3) the role of social media and the press in covering this event.