US-North Korea Summit II, Anti-BDS Bill, and AntiSemitism in UK's Labour Party?

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Join us for this month's featured Foreign Policy discussion, covering some of the most consequential events unfolding on the world stage.

The discussion topics will include:

1) The Second U.S.-North Korea Summit -- We'll assess the outcome of second Trump-Kim Summit, including the takeaways, highlights, platitudes, and the lack of any real commitments toward the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. What's next for the disarmament talks, as the Summit ends in a stalemate, similar to the near 70-year conflict that never officially ended?

2) Antisemitism allegations against the U.K.'s Labour Party -- Seven Members of Parliament recently resigned from the Labour Party on grounds of “institutional antisemitism,” and its policy failure on Brexit ( The move was also interpreted as a rebuke of the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's stances, close affiliations, or inferences of positions inferred to be antisemitic, or otherwise "extremist." Can criticisms of pro-Zionist views be construed as "antisemitic"? Finally, a creation of an Independent Group by the recent resignation of three Tory MPs may suggest that there is a partisan realignment in the tumultuous era of the U.K. politics.

3) Combating BDS Act of 2019 -- Senate's first order of business this year was the passage of S-1 ( dealing with the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) efforts. The fate of this anti-BDS Bill lies in the House for its final passage. We'll discuss the purported merits and aims of the Bill. Can the BDS efforts be interpreted as (a thinly-veiled) antisemitism? It also appears to create a fissure within the Democratic Party.