Debate: "Affirmative action is necessary to redress past racial injustices."

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Come watch a live debate on the contentious topic of "Affirmative Action." Fred ( and Karin ( will team up against Chuck ( and Rob ( to engage in a civil and thoughtful debate on this topic.

Here's the final language of the debate resolution:

"Affirmative action is necessary to redress past racial injustices."

The debate will be in an "Oxford-style" format (

The event schedule:

6:00 -- doors open
6:30 -- introduction by the moderator
6:45 to 8:30 -- the debate
8:30 to 8:45 -- event wrap-up

PLEASE NOTE: due to the limited seating arrangements, there will only be thirty seats available, on a first-come basis. The remaining attendees will be accomodated via "standing-room" only. Therefore, an on-time arrival is strongly recommended.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The NYCPF is a nonpartisan organization. As such, we do not promote or advocate on behalf of any particular issues or causes. Rather, our aim is to foster independent, critical thinking by exchange of views with the highest level of intellectual rigor.


If you wish to participate in the future debates, please contact one of the Organizers directly.

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