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Upcoming Presidential Debate Watch Paries

The NYCPF is proud to partner with other local groups and businesses to host each of the three Presidential Debates.

Round One: The Black Sheep -- 583 3rd Ave., New York, NY
(co-hosted with the "Manhattan Lectures & Conversations" and " Current Events Coffee" meetup groups).

Round Two: The Brazen Tavern -- 356 W 44th St, New York, NY
(co-hosted with the "NYC Debate" and "Manhattan Lectures & Conversations" meetup groups).

Round Three: The Black Sheep -- 583 3rd Ave., New York, NY
(co-hosted with the "NYC Debate" and "Manhattan Lectures & Conversations" meetup groups).

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The Policy Forum: Immigration, Economic, and Foreign Policies of the 2016 Candidates

As we enter the final stages of the 2016 Presidential Election season, we'll conduct a three-part "Policy Forum" to examine each Candidate's proposed policies.

Our aim is to go beyond the mere campaign rhetoric, sloganeering, or platitudes to examine the substantive policy positions in-depth. We'll compare and contrast the policy positions of the four candidates nominated by the Democratic, Green, Libertarian, and Republican Parties.

The "Policy Forum" series are purely intended to be for discussion purposes only, as the NYCPF does not endorse or advocate on behalf of any Candidates or Parties.

The discussions will include:

Part One -- The 2016 Candidates and their Immigration Policies

Part Two -- The 2016 Candidates and their Economic Policies

Part Three -- The 2016 Candidates and their Foreign Policies

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"Movement Politics" -- a special three-part series examing the movers and shakres

The "Movement Politics" series explore the various social movements, political forces, and coalitions that aim to bring about certain political changes, reforms or outcomes in furtherance of advancing a particular ideology.

The "Movement Politics" series are purely intended to be for discussion purposes only, as the NYCPF does not endorse or advocate on behalf of any groups or organizations.

Our aim is to explore these movements or groups, in depth, without the veneer of hyperpartisan rhetoric -- thus, the discussions will be based on factual evidence, coupled with sound, logical reasoning and persuasion with the highest level of intellectual rigor.

The three-part discussions will include:

Part One -- "The "Alt-Right"­ and the "Regressive Left"

Part Two -- The Rise and the (Ostensible) Fall of the Religious Conservatives in the U.S.

Part Three -- Black Lives Matter and the Tea Party

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The NYC Political Forum is now 1,000-members strong!

We're proud to announce today that we've reached a significant milestone, as the 1,000th member joined the Group!

There's a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for public discourse, given that we're entering into the final stages of a heated Election Year Cycle.

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A Launching of The NYCPF Book Club!

Very excited to be launching our very own Book Club!

Here are the reasons why you should attend The NYCPF Book Club discussions:

• Are you constantly looking for and / or offering book recommendations?

• Do you have an insatiable appetite for reading?

• Do you have an "eclectic" taste in books that you wish to share with others?

• Do you enjoy in-depth and insightful discussions based on a subject matter that only a book can offer?

• The Book Club discussions will invite each reader to an "intellectual journey" to understand the characters, the stakeholders, the issues, the situs, etc.

The subject matters of a book selection may include the following areas of interest: political philosophy and theory, economy and finance, history, biography, memoirs, geopolitical case studies, social research, or even a good-ole fashioned novel, based on the previously-mentioned themes.


For starters, our first book selection is:

The Power Broker -- Robert Moses and the Fall of New York (by Robert Caro © 1974)

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It's up to you, New York!

Here's a short poetic piece in a spirit of this crucial pre-election contest:

Come one, come all
Let's cheer and jeer the victory and concession speeches
Some of the Candidates have returned "Home" to New York

For they wish to express their "New York State of Mind"
While others simply hope to be part of it, New York, New York
The candidates are running in their vagabond shoes

As they find themselves in a City that never sleeps
Whoever wins here may be the king (or the queen) of the hill, top of the heap

Who cares if a Candidate eats pizza with a fork
We're too busy to give a hoot
Not even in a New York Minute . . . 'cause the Rent is Too Damn High!

This ain't no Iowa
There ain't no raucous-caucus
Nor any corn-dog eatin' Straw Poll hocus-pocus

Because if they can make it here . . . they can make it anywhere
So, it's up to you, New York, New York!

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Presidential Mock Debate: Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders vs. Gary Johnson

In some ways, this Debate is one of the forms of the ultimate exercise of participatory democracy at the grassroots level.

There are many ways to get involved in the democratic process — organize and advocate on a grassroots level; part take in the get-out-the-vote efforts; organize or attend fundraisers, etc.

Another method of civic participation is to debate on behalf of a candidate like it's November 2016!

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Happy 2016 ~ a launching of

Happy 2016 ~ a launching of

As we usher in the New Year -- during an important Presidential Election cycle -- I'm excited to announce the launching of the website!

For the devotees who enjoy attending the NYCPF discussions, the external website can be another outlet to connect with others. Here, you can continue the discussions when our meetups end. You can post links to alert other members about references or other articles. As many are aware, there are many themes or subtopics that emerge from our meetup discussions -- here, you can continue those discussions or follow up on a matter that remained fully unaddressed.

Also, if you're a prolific blogger or enjoy writing op-ed pieces, feel free to submit them to the NYCPF discussion board. We can post them "anonymously," if you wish to retain your privacy.

Additionally, we'll be starting a new online discussion series entitled "What will the Nation look like under President ________?"

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A note from the NYCPF Organizer, Thomas K

In looking back, 2015 was quite memorable, as we had many enjoyable events this past year. The group continues to grow and there is strong momentum, as we enter into the election year.

From the high-profile Supreme Court decisions, to the Presidential Election preseason buzz, and from the foreign policy complications to the National Security concerns, this group covered quite a bit of grounds this year.

I look forward to a hosting and moderating more vibrant discussions in the Upcoming Year!