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Important Announcement: NYC Politics is now “The NYC Political Forum”

This posting is intended for informational purposes regarding the changes to this group, effective August 2015.

First and foremost all, I’d like to point out two important things:

1) The successful growth of this group was, in large part, due to all of you — your enthusiastic involvement and participation in carrying out discussions on some of the most important and contentious issues of the day contributed to the group’s overall success.

2) There will be no fees or membership dues required — I believe in offering these events to everyone at no cost.

That being said, here are some of the changes that will go into effect immediately:

• The group name change: “The NYC Political Forum” — the name change accurately reflects my vision, as well as the future direction for this group.

• A launching of an external website — this is intended for others to engage in online discussions after the meetup. For instance, do you walk away from the meetup wishing that we could’ve discussed the issue at greater depths? On the external website, you can post follow up comments and continue the discussions. Additionally, you can post links to articles or other external references that you think will enhance the quality of the discussions.

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Happy Independence Day / Upcoming Changes for This Group

Dear NYCP member,

I hope you're having an enjoyable summer. In the upcoming weeks and months, there will be some changes and enhancements to this group, including:

A launching of a separate website for the group.
An expansion into various social media outlets.
Possibly incorporating into a formal organizational status with a new group name.

But don't worry — the core aspects of this group will not change, including:

Being a nonpartisan, all-inclusive group.
An offering of robust discussion topics and themes on a regular basis.
No fees or membership dues will be required.

These changes will further accurately reflect my vision for the group as we move forward. I'll describe more in detail at our next meetup in August.

Happy 4th of July.

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