What will the Nation look like under President Ted Cruz ?

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This is a first installment of the discussion series entitled "What will the Nation look like under President ________?" Next time, we'll examine "What will the Nation look like under President Sanders"?

Synopsis: Sen. Cruz's campaign is getting red-hot in Iowa, in the final weeks of the preseason. His campaign posted robust fundraising numbers in the final Quarter of 2015. The prolific fundraising numbers show that he can go the distance in this Primary cycle. Candidate Cruz is poised to rack up the delegates during the so-called SEC Primaries in the Southern States (formerly known as "Super Tuesday"). His "Southern Strategy," in all likelihood, will make him the top-tier candidate in this crowded GOP field.

Questions presented: Given the momentum, in a hypothetical scenario, if Sen. Cruz is elected, what types of policies can we expect from this Administration, in terms of:

a) domestic policies (including immigration)

b) fiscal and economic policies

c) foreign affairs and international relations