The Rise of Nationalism (and Populism) -- Part One: Europe

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This is a multi-part discussion series examining the ostensibly-sudden rise of nationalism in different parts of the world, including the U.S.

For Part One, we'll explore the current political and socio-economic climate in Europe, including the following:

• "Nationalism" as a political ideology, giving rise to "Ethno-Nationalism" and "religious-based" nationalism.

• The emergence of the "Identitarian movement."

• Influences and precedents from Brexit and Grexit.

• Trends and patterns from key elections in the Netherlands, Austria, France, and Germany.

• Backlash from the refugee crisis, sudden demographic changes, and the recent terrorist attacks.

• When and how "Populism" spills over into "Nationalism."

• When and how "Populism" can trigger to economic and military isolationism.


** For Parts Two to Four, we'll examine Nationalism in other parts of the world, including in East Asia, India, Russia, Turkey, Latin America, and the U.S.

*** This discussion series will segue into an upcoming discussion on the historical roots of modern "nationalism," stemming out of the Treaty of Versailles and the prelude to World War Two.


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